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Skin I am In

I want my skin to stay healthy, don't you? It is the largest organ that we were created with. So I know its an important factor in our existence!!!

No matter which skin type you have, all of the following factors are encouraged to do or not to do and will help you maintain healthier skin.

 #1 Exercising is great for getting your heart rate up which increases blood flow through your body and this can include walking, yoga, aerobics etc. which helps bring oxygen to the skin which in turns makes you sweat and that cleanses impurities from your body.

#2 Make sure you get some sleep, PLEASE GET REST! as studies show while sleeping our body's are designed to repair and regenerate new cells while sleep.

  #3 Sun can be good for some and can be a great source of vitamin D that is produced in the body, once the sun hits the skin.   For some too much sun can cause skin cancer, so it will be good for you to protect your skin with a (SPF) sun protection factor.  So getting to know the ty…

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