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Some people may look at anxiety and panic attacks as something others might just say they have, because they seem to be a little "frantic".  It's not really taken serious!   
Actually the persons mental state may be overloaded with this present life and anxiously dealing with something they have going on consciously or something hiding in their subconscious.
(Side Note: Too much caffeine can also trigger anxiety to pop up )
I know I thought that way!  Until I experienced the realness of it myself.  I felt like I was going to pass out or even die. I felt embarrassed, not confident, unsure, depressed, scared, short of breath, unsafe, unwanted, defeated.  All these thoughts passed through my brain in all of 2 seconds.
I have been prescribed meds (of course) !!!  Out of the 34 years of my life,  I had this happen to me maybe 5 times total which is very few.  That is not me telling you that you should not take your meds. This is my own personal decision. 
I am going to share…

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